Granta Mi - Materials Data Management

Combine reference databases with own data in a corporate environment and make them available to every engineer

Granta MI in brief

With more than 120 employees worldwide, Granta Design LtD. is the largest supplier of material data systems. We are representative for the product Granta-MI in Germany / Austria / Switzerland and offer software sales, implementation and training.

The material data management system Granta-MI has been available on the market since 2002. The development is strongly driven by industrial consortia (e.g. Aerospace: In the international market, Granta-MI is the leading industrial standard for cross-site material data management in larger companies. It also allows use of extensive reference databases and the management of proprietary material data - from the test machine to the approved material data sheet as well as interfaces to CAE tools.

Selected Pictures and Use-case of Granta MI


  • Granta-MI is a mature web application using Microsoft technologies. It is therefore very well integrated into enterprise infrastructures of larger companies.
  • Extensive reference databases are available for Granta-MI, e.g. The Materials Universe and well-known sources such as StahlDat SX, MMPDS, CMH-17, ESDU-MMDH, NIMS Creep & Fatigue, etc.
  • Granta-MI has a good office integration. Data from Excel, Office files, documents, images can be imported into Granta-MI without special effort and are then available to the end users
  • Granta-MI allows the definition of sophisticated authorization concepts to give access to sensitive data only to selected users. In addition, versioning and release of data are supported for traceability.     
  • Granta-MI does not require any migration effort during a release change, all databases are automatically adapted to the new version

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